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Are you one of the many women who leave the doctor's office with more questions than answers?  Do you feel misinformed, confused, and try to improve your health without success? Nowadays, there is a totally new approach of thinking on a woman’s health and her well-being.

Through numerous investigations within the field of hormonal chemistry, a new technique has been developed that represents the best option for the health of adult women: the natural BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES REPLACEMENT THERAPY. The natural hormones have a molecular structure identical to the ones produced by the ovaries, maximizing its use, metabolism and natural detoxification. These therapies are so perfect and sophisticated that they diminish the possibilities of developing breast and matrix cancer up to five times, in comparison with women who do not take the treatment. The SYNTHETIC HORMONES, on the contrary, do not generate satisfactory results in this course.

Therefore, it is recommended to combine them with customized herbal and nutritional therapies. The therapies that use NATURAL BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES, phyto-hormones derived from plants, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals simultaneously, help to resolve the hormonal upheavals in a totally NATURAL way, not only avoiding the characteristic annoyances and sufferings of menopause, but also improving the general health benefits.

How to recognize the Symptoms of Menopause

The most frequent symptoms of menopause are: depression, anxiety, irritability, heats, insomnia, headaches, hypertension, tachycardia, vaginal dryness, and decrease of sexual desire, loss of memory, osteoporosis, obesity, cellulites, varicose, and diabetes.

These symptoms are messages that the body is out of balance, and eventually, they could appear up to ten years before the woman loses her capacity of menstruation. This previous period to menopause is known as peri-menopause. The first change is a gradual reduction of the progesterone level. Since the progesterone and the estrogens balance themselves mutually, a reduction of progesterone causes the increase of the estrogens level. Unfortunately, women with symptoms of excess of estrogens are prescribed with more synthetic estrogens, which make worse their symptoms.

Although for many years, menopause was diagnosed based on age and symptoms, nowadays exists the alternative of specialized laboratory analyses, in blood and in saliva, to confirm the hormonal levels that allow the diagnostic and the prescription of individualized treatments according to your hormonal unbalance and medical history.

How to stay Healthful, Youthful and Attractive.

The health of the body depends on the coordination of different hormones, and today we can find the necessary tools to rebalance it, without recurring to synthetic drugs or surgery.

• To know which is your HORMONAL UNBALANCE (evaluating hormones in saliva).
• To take NATURAL BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES (in minimum and individualized doses).
• To have HEALTHY BONES that last all your life.
• To stay THIN, ATTRACTIVE and HEALTHFUL many more years, even after menopause.

This revolutionary change in the way of treating MENOPAUSE and AGING is the culmination of many years of scientific research around the world, and the results are spectacular. Currrently, there are many more educated and eloquent women, with knowledge of the medical advances, determined to take the control of their own health. So, hands to the work!

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